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Select the right candidate or develop employees based on personality, learning style, work environment and competencies. Fast, objective and professional.



Who benefits from our unique voice analysis

  • Recruitment professionals
  • Intermediaries
  • HR professionals
  • Career professionals
  • Resource managers
  • Team coaches
  • Managers
  • Recruitment and selection consultants

Unique objective voice analysis

  • We are the first international provider of a unique, objective voice analysis.
  • We believe in a fair and equal world in which everyone can be their best self.
  • We provide objective insight that allows you to make deliberate choices and develop yourself optimally, regardless of your background, ethnicity, education or age.
  • We offer a fast, objective and easy solution that provides an understanding of the individual without presumption or prejudice.
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What you get out of it

A detailed personal report for your trainee that covers the following:

Who am I? We help you discover who you are as a person, the working environment and learning style that suits you best and your most important character traits.

What can I do? Here we provide career advice and an overview of professions that best suit your personality. We also show your proficiency level for the 29 most important competencies.

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Models and theories used

Kolb’s Learning Styles, John L. Holland’s RIASEC Hexacon, M.A. Nieuwenhuis’ Competencies, the National Career Guide (Nationale Beroepengids) enneagram and database.

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