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Our team

We combine our many years of experience in working with people and organisations in pursuit of our common goal: Contributing to personal and professional development and a fair and equal world.

We believe that objective (self-)knowledge enables people to make better choices, both professionally and personally.

We believe in a fair and equal world in which everyone can be their best self. We provide objective insight that allows you to make deliberate choices and develop yourself optimally, regardless of your background, ethnicity, education or age.

Gusta Timmermans, Founder

Thanks to her many years of experience in the staffing sector, as the co-owner of a recruitment and selection agency and as Head of Recruitment at ING Netherlands and ING Global, Gusta has become a true expert in her field.

In 2018, she started her own strategic consultancy firm, Recruitment Builders, which provided advice to organisations on staff recruitment and retention. Gusta has also written two books: 199 Questions for a Successful Selection Interview and, in 2021, Recruitment and Employer Branding Handbook.

“I believe in a fair and equal world in which everyone can be their best self. By offering our objective insights, I hope to contribute to deliberate choices and personal development, regardless of background.”

Marilou van der Keur, Expert Development, Training & Coaching

Marilou feels like a fish in water in the world of communication, change psychology and marketing.

She trains, coaches and advises in an appreciative and challenging way based on an effective mix of models and theories in the areas of training and (career) coaching in order to help individuals achieve optimal development based on their unique self.
She does this with a good dose of humour, focus, authenticity and respect, aimed at inspiring, motivating and creating clarity.

“If you deny people their own voice, you’ll have no idea of who they are.” – Alice Walker